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Story behind the image: Tulip blooms in spring

This photo is one of many photos of flowers I took during the spring/summer of 2014 and one of the even greater collection of flower photos I have taken in my life. I like taking pictures of flowers because it is easy and they are almost everywhere (in some form), but there is a bit of a challenge to capture their beauty in an image and show them in a way that will capture the attention of viewer of the eventual photo in print or on a website.

This photo marks parts of my life from the time it was taken. First, at this time I was working for greenhouse, so I was surrounded by flowers for more than forty hours a week and working with them. I was able to see a large variety of flowers and find a beauty in everyone (even petunias). They also represented the hard work of people that planted and help grow these flowers into something people wanted to look at. 

These tulips also happened to be in my favorite color purple. I never liked pink and I did like blue, but purple seemed better. The color purple of these flowers was so drastic that they stood out from the brown and green surroundings and were hard to ignore. Thankfully, that day I had my camera with me and was able to capture the beauty of the tulips forever.

Finally, tulips are a flower that I grew with my mom as a kid and they still grow in the garden at home. The first tulips would usually bloom just in time for Mother's Day. I would pick a few to put on the table for the occasion, then continue to do so the rest of the summer just because. From a young age, tulips fascinated me because they came in a wide variety of colors and sometimes even a variety of colors in one flower (see below). Ever since, tulips have been an object of nostalgia that remind me of being a child and seeing the good and the beauty in everything and I am reminded to see the world in this way. 

Photo taken spring 2014

Camera: Nikon D3200

Location: my mother's gardens



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