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About Me

There are a few things in my life that have been constant; among them, my passion for photography and exploration. As a kid, I would take disposable or my blue point-and-shoot Kodak camera with me on family vacations and other outings. On the trips I admired the beauty of the natural world and observed how different life could be from one destination to the next.


As I grew up, I was fortunate to have professional photography opportunities with different publications and contract gigs for portraits, events, and sports. However, some of my favorite photography moments have been shaped by assignments I created for myself. I would take my camera, now upgraded to a Nikon DSLR, with a starting point in mind and then see where my camera would take me next, trying to frame the wonder of the world to share with others. That process has led me on some remarkable journeys on hiking trails, though a Pacific Northwest road trip, and across countries in Europe.


I am a Colorado based photographer, writer, and traveler. This blog is dedicated to some of the memories of those adventures; tips, tricks, and advice I have learned along the way; and planning for the next great camera guided adventure. I hope to share the world with you and inspire you to take your next adventure.



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Travel photographer's self-portrait
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